Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Back Pages: When a presidential candidate spent election night in Milwaukee

2 November 2016

By Chris Foran
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"On election night 1976, the presidential candidate for a political party with historic roots waited out the returns in Milwaukee by playing a game of chess.

That night, Nov. 2, 1976, Frank P. Zeidler, Milwaukee's former mayor and the candidate for president on the Socialist Party USA ticket, didn't really expect to be in the winner's circle as he met with supporters at Turner Hall....

Zeidler's candidacy was the first under the Socialist Party banner in 20 years. Since then, Socialist Party USA has run a candidate in every presidential election cycle except 1984's, when the party endorsed the Citizens' Party candidate. (Mimi Soltysik and Angela Nicole Walker are on the party's 2016 ticket.)...."

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