Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Other Progressive Candidate: The Lonely Crusade of Walt Brown

14 October 2004

By: Darcy G. Richardson

"While Ralph Nader has been preoccupied fending off the disruptive tactics, legal challenges and other chicanery cooked up by mean-spirited Democrats desperately trying to keep the longtime consumer advocate off the ballot in state after state this autumn, and while the Green Party's David Cobb -- behaving more like some sort of namby-pamby apologist for the Democratic Party than a serious third-party challenger -- has been waging an almost laughable "safe state" strategy implicitly designed to facilitate Democrat John Kerry's candidacy in the crucial battleground states, at least one other progressive third-party aspirant for the nation's highest office has been quietly canvassing the country in search of support on November 2. Lacking Nader's considerable cachet and the Green Party's relatively substantial organizational strength, the Socialist Party's Walter F. "Walt" Brown -- the darkest of dark-horse candidates -- is arguably the most impressive third-party candidate in this year's race for the White House..."

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