Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ideas on Education

 17 April, 2012

A Statement by Greg Pason, Socialist Party Candidate for U.S. Senate (New Jersey)

We have the right to demand more from our educational system. Education is a public good — it should be owned by the public sector for the same reason that Social Security is: it is a universal human right.

The current educational system is failing us. Budgets cuts are dismantling our schools and paralyzing our educators. Class sizes are growing while resources are shrinking. And, as more and more programs get cut, students are left with fewer opportunities to explore and develop talents in areas such as the arts, music, physical education and world languages. Although the U.S. government spends about $10k per student, the U.S. public educational system ranks a dismal 14th among 34 of the most developed nations....

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Friday, April 13, 2012

On "Stay at Home Mom's" and the Value of Caregivers

13 April, 2012

A Statement by Greg Pason, Socialist Party candidate for U.S. Senate (New Jersey)

The statement of Democratic Party strategist Hillary Rosen discrediting Ann Romney as “never working a day in her life” has been quickly attacked by the talking heads of the Republican and Democratic parties. While Rosen’s statement was insulting and misguided,none of the responses from the Democrats of Republicans really address the issue brought forward....

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Stewart Alexander Responds to Peace and Freedom Presidential Candidates Survey

09 April 2012

Note: The 2012 Socialist Party USA Presidential ticket of Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza is currently seeking to obtain the dual nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party within the state of California.


I currently work as an automobile sales consultant. This work has brought me into direct contact with the public, has provided me with an insider’s look into problems with our financial system and has taught me many lessons about the hazards of consumer debt.

I was born in Newport News, Virginia; however, I have lived in California since I was a child. My earliest political memory was meeting Malcolm X with my father. Malcolm came to a local mosque in Watts and my father brought me along to hear him speak. I don’t remember anything particular about what he said, but I do remember how seriously he took his task. I intend to employ an equal amount of seriousness with this Presidential campaign....

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People should think twice before throwing socialism around

09 April 2012

By Scott Starr
The Oklahoma Daily

"Real socialists deny Obama is one of them. Greg Pason, national secretary of the Socialist Party USA, and David Schaich, Socialist Party campaign clearinghouse coordinator, both say Obama definitely is not. Schaich said the idea that Obama is socialist — or quasi-socialist, semi-socialist, socialist-light or anything of the sort — is far-right nonsense.

He said Obama, like his political opponents, is very much a typical politician, fully committed to capitalism and the expansion of its empire.

Schaich also said a real socialist agenda­ — even a reformist one — would not prop up capitalist systems or companies when they fail but rather would seize the opportunity to radically transform the economy..."

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Third-party candidates hold debate

08 April 2012

Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Four third-party presidential candidates will take part in a debate sponsored by the Peace and Freedom Party on Saturday.

The participants are Socialist Party USA nominee Stewart Alexander, the Justice Party's Ross Anderson, Freedom Socialist Party nominee Stephen Durham and Peta Lindsay, nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation..."

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