Sunday, April 30, 2017

Seeking broader change, a Peterborough socialist runs for library trustee

30 April 2017
By Ethan DeWitt
The Keene Sentinel
PETERBOROUGH — No one ever said the socialist revolution was going to happen overnight. Nor has any scholar pegged the seeds of the next social overthrow to Peterborough, New Hampshire.
But as self-described radical socialist Chris DiLoreto sees it, every movement has to start somewhere. And the 33-year-old progressive activist says he’s found the ideal launching point for a conversation, if not an uprising. Next month, at town elections, DiLoreto will compete for a seat on the library board of trustees.

It’s not quite the October Revolution. But for DiLoreto — who will compete against incumbents Ron Bowman and Marcia Patten May 9 for the two open seats — the election is a first step toward a broader goal: bringing the tenets of his ideology further into the mainstream....

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Who is Chris DiLoreto and why is he running for Library Trustee?

14 April 2017

A Statement by Chris DiLoreto, Socialist Party Candidate for Peterborough Library Trustee (New Hampshire)


Saturday, April 1, 2017

15 Now NJ rallies for minimum wage increase

1 April 2017

By Corey W. McDonald
The Jersey Journal

"Speakers on behalf of a number of organizations including the Socialist Party USA, and the Green Party of New Jersey -- among others -- echoed the demands of 15 Now NJ.

'I think the current minimum wage is a joke,' said Pat Noble, national co-chair of the Socialist Party USA. 'I don't know why anyone could expect anyone to live on that. (A $15 minimum wage) would be a tremendous step in the right direction....'"

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