Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Massachusetts Socialist Party prepares for November

20 February 2008

By Nicole Jones
The Weekly Dig

"The Socialist Party of Massachusetts (SPMA) held its annual State Convention in Worcester on Saturday. Seven members showed up at the Stone Soup Community Center, where they discussed the agenda for 2008.

The group encircled a pamphlet-covered coffee table to discuss the anti-war movement, International Women's Day, universal healthcare, this year's presidential election and how to expand the party's modest base (as of 2006, there were 176 registered Socialist voters in Massachusetts)..."

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Friday, February 1, 2008

A True Peace Candidate for Congress

Todd Vachon
Socialist Party candidate for United States Congress
(Connecticut, district 2)
1 February 2008

Socialist Party congressional candidate Todd Vachon (CT Second District) has been gaining some recognition from online peace activists. He was recently selected by as a "true peace candidate for congress", and has also been highlighted on as a hip-hop activist and candidate for peace.

Since the Democrats have done little to nothing to bring an end to the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the minor party candidates are really gaining traction on this issue. Could this be the year of a critical mass? If enough people vote for what they really want and not just the "less of two evils" we might see some actual progress.