Friday, December 16, 2011

“Death of a Nation”: The Future of Occupy

16 December 2011

By: Mitchell Warren

Alex Mendoza of The Socialist Party USA ticket says that apparent offers for new jobs to unemployed individuals are deceptive. As an example he cites the actions of governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry. '[He] has enacted economic policies which bring in a lot of new jobs, but they’re not jobs to write home about. We have good jobs being replaced by minimum wage jobs so businesses get more work for less cost and people aren’t technically unemployed anymore.' Stewart Alexander of the same ticket adds, 'Businesses are hiring desperate workers at low wages to sell merchandise…This is often part time work while it lasts.' Supporting the system through governmentally-approved avenues could result in a distraction from true Occupy goals...."

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Check out these candidates

14 December 2011

By: Collin McRann
The Douglas Budget (Douglas, WY)

"Running under the Democratic Socialist ticket [sic]* is Stewart Alexander. He lives in California and has run for mayor of Los Angeles as well as many other offices. Of course, he has has lost them all. His positions? Alexander supports single payer health care and guaranteed income, as well as many other social services. He is also the chairperson of the Socialist Party of California, but I doubt he will gain much of an audience in Wyoming...."

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*sic added by SP Campaign Clearinghouse.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Message to Supporters- I Love You All!

A Post-Election statement by Brandon Collins, 2011 Socialist Party Candidate for Charlottesville City Council (Virgina)

13 December 2011

Dear friends,

It has been a month since the election, and having gotten my ducks back in a row, and having caught my breath I have found the time to send along some thoughts and thanks to all who supported the campaign.

Thank you all for all of the support, the votes, the input, and the energy I have received throughout this city council campaign. I am deeply encouraged that so many people would cast a vote for someone like me, given the reality of Charlottesville’s political landscape. My belief is that there is likely even more support for many of the platform items I have presented....

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