Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Some Hate Mail Led Me Down the Socialist Musician Wormhole

26 February 2013 

By Eric Spitznagel 
MTV Hive

"I called Mimi Soltysik, the Vice-Chair of the Socialist Party USA and the State Chair for the Socialist Party of California. Also, did I mention that his name is Mimi Soltysik? Mimi Soltysik! It sounds like a Russian spy character that Severn Darden would’ve played in the ’60s. Soltysik said exactly what you’d think a socialist would say about right-wing nutjobs throwing around words like socialist. “The two party system and corporate America has such a strong stranglehold over the media that it’s largely Democrats and Republicans who are framing this conversation about socialists and socialism. As more socialists get an opportunity to speak for themselves, then I think we might be able to see the tenor change a little bit. ...."

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