Friday, March 24, 2017

Social justice 'warriors' jump into Kurdish-Syrian struggle

24 March 2017

By Hollie McKay
Fox News
"According to Zach Medeiros, co-chair of Socialist Party USA International Relations, the endeavors of the revolutionists – both native and newcomer – are for the most part, to be admired.

'Hundreds of foreign, non-Kurdish volunteers have joined the YPG/YPJ in their fight, and a number of them have paid with their lives, while others have been unjustly prosecuted for their actions upon returning to their home countries,' Medeiros told Fox News. 'I think there is a certain element of naivety in this phenomenon, especially among those who don’t seriously consider what they’re getting into. On the other hand, it’s also an inspiring display of internationalism. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to put your life on the line for another people’s struggle....'"

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