Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Socialist Dwain Reynolds for Michigan State Board of Education

Dwain Reynolds
Socialist Party candidate for State Board of Education (Michigan)
23 April 2008

Middleville, MI -- Socialist Dwain Reynolds III announced his candidacy today to run for Michigan's State Board of Education. Reynolds has spent the last few months traveling throughout Michigan in preparation for his campaign. "I have talked to countless residents of our "forgotten state" and have learned many things. Most of all I have learned that the residents of Michigan (students, parents, employers, employees, etc...) are ready for a progressive change. Ready for new ideas; geared up for their children to finally have what they deserve from their government. Continuously I see students and young adults who have lost hope and are now prepared to believe that things can progress for the better. They know that they are not represented in current mainstream politics (as well as the rest of the working class, middle class, working poor) and are ready to have someone who cares about their welfare standing up for them as well as their parents, teachers, and friends. People are no longer saying "I hope things will get better" instead they have replaced it with "things will be better and we're going to make sure of it before it's too late". These people are the reason I am running; the reason I have hope for a better tomorrow"...

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