Friday, December 12, 2008

Post-election interview with Brian Moore by Tulane University student

12 December 2008

"What were the main objectives of the SPUSA and Brian Moore in the 2008 campaign? Do you feel that the 2008 campaign was successful?

To promote the Socialist principles and platform; to encourage the populace not to be afraid of our political party that has a rich heritage in our country and which makes up the social fabric of our society today (i.e. child labor laws, women's suffrage, collective bargaining, 40-hour work weeks, workers compensation, social security, unemployment insurance, etc.). Also, to encourage membership in our party and to encourage others to run for political office on our party's behalf.

Other objectives were to raise issues and positions not addressed out of fear by the two major party candidates (end the Iraq war immediately, promote a socialized health system for all citizens and residents as an economic right, nationalize all for-profit corporations and the banks and institutions; object to the federal bailout; advocate full employment, housing and education; oppose nuclear power, militarily and commercially; reduce the defense budget in half; impeach Bush and Cheney, etc.; eliminate all intelligence agencies; promote a radical systemic economic system change)!

A final objective is to offer all Americans an alternative choice of candidates to provide them a vehicle to adequately express their protest of the system and support for new and radical ideas and for real deep change, not a superficial tinkering of reforming a broken economic and political system..."

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