Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Covington Police and Joe Deters

08 September 2010

By: Kevin Osborne
Cincinnati CityBeat

"DAN LA BOTZ: Whether you like him or not, Dan LaBotz has a point. LaBotz, the socialist candidate running for U.S. Senate against Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Lee Fisher, has complained to the Ohio Newspaper Association (ONA), which is organizing three debates between Portman and Fisher. In essence, LaBotz argues that since he qualifies for the ballot under Ohio law, the ONA should insist that the candidates from the two major political parties allow LaBotz to participate in the debates. We think Portman and Fisher are afraid LaBotz might throw them off their carefully scripted answers and actually spark a true debate on the issues, including ones they'd rather not address. The two-party system is broken and the public would be well served by including other points-of-view...."

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