Thursday, September 22, 2011

Independent Paul Long withdraws from race for City Council

22 September 2011

By: Brian Wheeler
Charlottesville Tomorrow

"Long was joined at his announcement by fellow independent candidates Collins and Williams, whom he endorsed.

'This current local election is just as important as the 2008 election for President,' said Long. 'All it takes us is 5 minutes to go into the voting booth to vote for a change in government and to get rid of the 'Democratic machine' here in Charlottesville.'

'[Collins] shares my passion for the homeless, on economic issues and also for public transit,' Long said. 'There are differences -- he goes a bit further than I would -- I mean he is active in the Socialist Party, but having said that, a lot of what he says I agree with and I think he would be good for Charlottesville....'"

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