Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Support a skatepark in Home Depot

18 July 2012

The Commons (Windham Co., VT)

"On Sunday, July 8, at a joint meeting of the Socialist Party Local and Liberty Union, the following resolution was agreed upon: 'In accordance with a policy of keeping Vermont green, we support a skateboard park in the former Home Depot building [in Brattleboro] and the preservation of the Crowell lot as it currently exists. We urge our candidates to make this a primary issue of their candidacies.'

The candidates for the Socialist Party/Liberty Union are: Owen M. Diamondstone-Kohout, state representative for Windham District 5 (Dummerston, Putney, Westminster); Ian Diamondstone, state representative for Brattleboro District 3; Aaron Diamondstone, state senate candidate for Windham County; Dan Eagle, governor; Ben Mitchell, lieutenant governor; Mary Alice (Mal) Herbert, secretary of state; Jessy Diamondstone, state treasurer; Jerry Levy, auditor; Rosemarie Jackowski, attorney general; Peter Diamondstone, U.S. Senate; and Jane Newton, U.S House of Representatives."

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