Sunday, January 31, 2016

ELECTION 2016: Interview with Mimi Soltysik

31 January 2016

By Ethan Zakrewski 
Hoof Print (McDonough, GA) 

In the second presidential candidate interview of our Election 2016 series, I got to talk to the Socialist Party USA’s candidate for president Mimi Soltysik. 

Soltysik was born on October 30, 1974 and grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania. As a teen and into his twenties, Soltysik was a self described “punk-rocker, skateboard kid” who was a musician. During this time, Soltysik stated that he got in a lot of trouble and struggled with substance abuse problems until he reached rock bottom. 

“I had gotten totally disconnected from people,” Soltysik stated, “I could choose to keep going and maybe die, or I could choose to re engage and start learning again.” Together with his wife, Soltysik started organizing bicycle and clothing drives. This work brought more thought to Soltysik. He stated “We started to realize that these drives were an attempt to cure cancer with a Band-Aid. While those services are essential, I wanted to attack the cancer....”

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