Sunday, August 22, 2010

Editor's Notebook: Confusion surrounds discussions with hopefuls

22 August 2010

By: Jim Collins
The News-Herald (Serving northern Ohio

"The most noticeable change in the interviews this year is the influx of minor party candidates. Time was, they were all Republicans or Democrats. No longer. This year we have Libertarians, Constitution Party candidates, Green Party candidates and even a Socialist Party candidate running for U.S. Senate.

The latter, Daniel LaBotz, a Spanish teacher who drove all the way up from Cincinnati for the interview, was one of the most articulate candidates we have interviewed in the past 28 years. He didn't persuade me to become a Socialist, but he sure had a grip on his facts. He was very intent, intelligent and single-minded.

Judging by everything I had read, I thought he might favor the Obama health care plan. But one should never take anything for granted. He hates it. Oh well!..."

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