Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ohio Socialist senate candidate LaBotz issues call to 'open up' Portman, Fisher debate

04 August 2010

By: John Michael Spinelli
Toledo Free Press

"Predicting the nation is headed for a double dip recession, one he says will in reality be another Great Depression, LaBotz, who spent a number of his wonder years growing up in California, said the Federal and Ohio State governments need to take dramatic action to keep the bottom from falling out of the economy, notwithstanding the fact that many feel that horse has left the barn. Private sector jobs will continue to go and public sector jobs with them, he laments.

Showing his fiery socialist spirit, LaBotz says Portman, a Republican, would like to cut small business taxes, while Fisher, a Democrat, will support whatever President Obama does or fails to do. To provide jobs now, the be-spectacled, graying Socialist says the Federal government and the State of Ohio must take steps now if people are to find work anytime soon...."

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