Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stewart Alexander Calls for an End to Attacks on Occupy Movement

Stewart Alexander
2012 Socialist Party Presidential Candidate
15 November 2011

Los Angeles, CA – Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate, Stewart Alexander opposes the recent assault on the Occupy movement in cities across the United States. He draws attention to the fact that it was largely the result of the decisions of elected Democrats. Freedom of expression is central to democracy and he believes that we must strengthen our commitment to civil liberties...

“Remember well who is behind these assaults on you,” urges Stewart Alexander, presidential nominee for the Socialist Party USA. “These are the men and women who are bought and sold like commodities by corporations. These are not just Republican officials, but also the Democratic Party that are assaulting your rights to free speech. Your calls for social and economic justice do not sit well with their owners. When the Democrats try to sweet talk you into believing they support the 99%: forget their words and remember their actions....”

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