Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pre-Election Message by Stewart Alexander

In some states, voters will be able to cast their vote to speak for the 99 percent and vote for Stewart Alexander for President and Alex Mendoza for Vice President. These voters will be on the frontline to revolt against a political system that is unfair and unjust; their votes will be a revolt against unfair ballot access laws that has rigged the entire political process to limit voter choice to the candidates of the two corporate parties.  

29 September 2012

A Statement by Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party Candidate for President of the United States 

We are approaching the final days before the November 2012 General Election; and one year since the SPUSA nominated Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza for president and vice president, the Alexander/Mendoza presidential campaign has been able to reach out to millions of working people with a message of hope for real change that is only possible in a society that is established around the principles of socialism.

The Alexander/Mendoza campaign has sought to unveil the lies of the capitalists that has given working people a false sense of hope and security that has only enslaved the minds of working people; a false sense of hope that good paying jobs will be created; a false sense of hope that education will be affordable; a false sense of hope that access to affordable healthcare is possible; a false sense of hope for affordable housing; a false sense of hope that the nation will pursue peace, not war....
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