Thursday, November 8, 2012

Presidential Election Concession Letter

08 November 2012 

A Statement by Stewart Alexander, 2012 Socialist Party Candidate for President of the United States

President Obama:

Though the battle was not fair – I had no Super PAC, a billion dollars in campaign funds, daily access to the mainstream media, nor even ballot lines waiting for me – I concede defeat in this election and recognize your victory.

Over the last four years, you have managed to shield the Americans conscience, not only continuing the overall policies of George W Bush, but expanding upon them as well. I cringe in despair to think of how many Occupiers were falsely arrested or sprayed with mace because of your coordination with municipalities from the White House and then voted for you just the same. I fear what you will continue to do in order to intimidate various leftist groups with your interpretations of law which infringe upon the internationally accepted rights to free speech and thought. I shudder at your ability to convince anti-war activists to embrace war, civil libertarians to embrace tyranny, and labor activists to embrace corporate welfare and attacks on union workers....

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