Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post-Election Interview with Elected SP School Board Candidate Pat Noble

12 December 2012 
The Socialist

Pat Noble - Candidate for Board of Education (Red Bank, New Jersey)

“ ... Let’s use this election as a building block towards a stronger movement for a better education system. Consider joining the Socialist Party USA, a multi-tendency, democratic socialist organization that is committed to building a free, liberated society. Additionally, consider joining Revolutionary Unity, a new and energetic organization that seeks to unite anti-capitalists of various stripes under one banner.” -- Pat Noble, 11/16/12

What motivated you to run for office?

I wanted to use the platform of a candidate as an opportunity to spread socialist ideals to receptive individuals. The vast majority of electoral campaigns in the United States involve capitalist candidates that ignore, or are at least oblivious to, working-class issues. Running against these politicians gives a window of time to directly attack their politics, while at the same time providing and promoting a left-wing alternative. Understanding this is what motivated me to run.

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