Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post-Election Interview with SP Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander

12 December 2012
The Socialist

Stewart Alexander - Candidate for President

What motivated you to run for office?

First, I became a candidate for president of the U.S. because I believe in socialism and I have been a victim of capitalism for my entire life. What we as socialists are striving to achieve, the capitalists only seek to shun; a democratic socialist society based upon respect and goodwill toward other members within our society. As a presidential candidate, I shared my beliefs, which are the belief of other socialists that working people should control their own lives, their neighborhoods; their leaders should represent the people who elect them into office rather than the corporations that buy their office; and working people should manage and protect the resources of the earth, be responsible for the production and distribution of those resources to benefit the needs of our national and international community. This belief, as a socialist, distinguishes me from the candidates that represent the interests of the super rich and the candidates who believe that capitalism can be reformed.

Second, I entered the presidential contest because I considered myself well qualified to represent working people during these critical times. I understand what is on the line, it is our future well being as a nation, our freedoms, and we are running out of time to correct the course. I was not under any grand illusion that I would be elected president; however, as a presidential candidate, I had the opportunity to share a message with millions of working people that there is a better way that will provide opportunities for all members of society. My message was not about reforming capitalism, but a total transformation of society from capitalism to socialism and the development of new social structures.

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