Saturday, December 5, 2015

Look for the Union Label -- The Socialist Party Does

05 December 2015

By Nerissa Young
The Register-Herald (WV)

Edward R. Murrow made television history when his landmark documentary “Harvest of Shame” aired during Thanksgiving more than 50 years ago. It chronicled the plight of migrant farm workers — unemployed veterans who had returned from war, impoverished black Americans and desperate Mexicans.

It showed how the system had failed some of the most vulnerable people in America and pitted out-of-work Americans against “outsider” Mexicans who were just as impoverished.

Someone who watches that film today would see that little has changed for the groups chronicled in it. Maybe its timelessness is the mark of good journalism. Its accuracy today is definitely the mark of poor government.

That’s why the labor component of the Socialist Party USA’s platform is so appealing. . . .

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