Thursday, December 3, 2015

“Town Hall” Interview with Socialist Party USA’s Vice Presidential Candidate Angela Nicole Walker

03 December 2015

By Brooke Shannon
The Socialist

SP-USA members from around the country submitted questions to Brooke Shannon who compiled them into one town hall interview. Angela Nicole Walker provided answers in November 2015; in between national days of action, doing lots of great work, and all around hustling for justice in Milwaukee, WI.

What was it that moved you to become an activist? That is, was there was one specific event or moment where you realized something was really wrong with the world and that you needed to work to change it? – Stephanie Cholensky from Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Angela: I’ve felt that things needed to be changed since I was a teenager, but the thing that actually got me out into the streets for the first time was the year 2000 presidential election. I voted in Florida, where then-governor Jeb Bush gave the state to his brother. The misconduct with the ballots was so epic and so disrespectful that when a trip to Tallahassee to protest and demand a ballot recount was announced, I made sure I went. It was a huge experience for me. Huge.

How/when did you come to socialism and/or the SP-USA? — Paul Garner and Ace Madjlesi from Memphis, TN
Angela: I would say that I’ve been a socialist most of my life. I believe that the things that are best for people should be embedded in the infrastructure of this country, like public schools, public transportation, state parks, city parks, public hospitals, and the like. I’ve never been comfortable with the idea that folks have to compete to get ahead, or that you need to beat out the next person for resources. Socialism appealed to me as a young person, even before I knew what it was, because it ensures that everyone involved is taken care of, and that the goods and services produced by the people are things that benefit the people. I loved that idea then, and I love it now. We can ALL be all right.

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