Thursday, March 10, 2016

Third Party Builders: Interview with Jen McClellan

10 March 2016

By Jacob Bloom
Green Ops 

"Socialist Party USA doesn’t have immediate plans for [California] ballot access does it? What are its goals?

Jen: So as far as electoral work, we actually have it in our platform and principles to be involved electorally. So we have presidential candidates ( but their campaign is actually anti-electoral which means we’re using the unique media opportunities of election year to get people thinking about how to participate in political work in their communities rather than thinking they can just vote once every four years and shit will magically get better.

The platform’s an ongoing extensive piece of work but the simplest way I can explain it is that we’re for workers controlling the means of production, we’re anti sectarian, multi tendency and we don’t dig oppression of any kind. We’re really open to a variety of political ideologies and strategies because capitalism is a huge evil beast and we can’t afford to do any more infighting.
So when I’m working, I’m making sure I’m listening to what people are saying and trying to help them find solutions by discovering their strengths and skills and by connecting them to other people who I know who’s goals and skills complement theirs. That sounds like corporate work but you know, we’re not trying to profit of the exploitation of our fellow human beings..."

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