Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kelso, who? Meet 6 lesser-known candidates in the presidential race

30 March 2016

By Morgan Buckley
USA Today College 

"The tattooed, T-shirt-wearing former national co-chair of the Socialist Party USA once called Bernie Sanders’ record “imperialist.”

“Bernie Sanders seems to advocate more of a social democracy,” Soltysik says. “It’s an expanded social safety net based upon the welfare state, maybe more like what we see in Scandinavia, whereas socialism starts with worker control over the means of production, community control and full democratic participation. They are very different things.”

Soltysik says capitalist societies simply can not foster true equality. And now, more than ever, he thinks change is imperative.

“With the science of climate change, we really don’t have time to spend on reforming capitalism or greening capitalism” Soltysik says. “The planet is literally telling us it cannot hold a capitalist society or economic system. Change has to happen now.”"

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