Monday, September 26, 2016

Q&A: House of Rep. candidate goes green

26 September 2016

By Rose Cyburt
The Almanian (Alma, MI)
"This election year, there has been a significant amount of talk about third parties. Running against Democrat Ken Hart and Republican Jim Lower for Michigan’s 70th District is Green Party/Socialist Michael Anderson....

Q. You are running for both the Green Party and the Socialist Party, but which do you affiliate with more?

A. I belong to the Socialist Party. I agree with the ideals of the Green Party, but joined primarily for ballot access. The Green Party is taking great measures towards anticapitalism thanks to the progressiveness of today’s youth.

Q. Are there any major differences between the parties?

A. Yes, there are differences, like the Socialist Party is about complete socialism. We want to take power from capitalists and put it in the hands of the workers. Workers include lower and middle class, students and people without jobs. The Green Party believes in working through the system to reform and make changes and agreements. The Socialist Party wants to completely smash the system.

Q. What issue is more important to you: the environment or radical democracy?

A. Those issues are one in the same. Capitalism happens when people are profit driven; the people in charge don’t care about consequences because they aren’t affected like the communities are since they are farther away. If the people in the community had control they are less likely to pollute because it is their home..."

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