Thursday, September 15, 2016

Socialist presidential candidate Soltysik hosts unusual 'rally' in Ann Arbor

15 September 2016 

By Martin Slagter

ANN ARBOR, MI -- Emidio "Mimi" Soltysik was candid in explaining that his presidential candidacy was less about putting himself out in front than giving his supporters a voice while building community as the Socialist Party nominee.

To back that claim up, Soltysik attempted to build community among the approximately 20 people in attendance at his public speaking session on Wednesday, Sept. 14, in the University of Michigan's Mason Hall by getting to know his audience and supporters better.

"As opposed to (Vice Presidential candidate) Angela (Nicole Walker) and I being the folks always front and center, we let people throughout the country tell their stories – folks who have been involved in organizing work, folks who are doing community work," he said. "They tell their stories, they share their hopes and fears, and we share that information and put that front and center."

Soltysik, a longtime political activist who is the first Socialist Party presidential candidate named on Michigan's ballot since 2004, made a concerted effort to listen to his audience, opening the evening by asking everyone in attendance to name a book that changed their life. Later in the evening he asked each audience member to explain what community meant to them and to provide their definition of revolutionary activity...

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